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Domestic clutter

Can you clear up without me being there?

No. I can ask you questions and hopefully help you to find answers; I can challenge you and give you a new perspective; I can help you to make decisions about what is genuinely useful and beautiful for you. But the decisions about what to throw away, and where to keep what you keep, will be yours.

Will you make me throw lots of sentimental items away?

No. I'm here to help you make the most of your life today, but not to eliminate your past (unless that's what you particularly want). Minimalist homes only exist in the pages of glossy magazines; this is real life.

William Morris' guideline can't be bettered: "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". Once we've started to identify the useless and the ugly, you'll be amazed at how many long-forgotten useful and beautiful things you'll find.

What happens?

We'll usually start by spending an hour or two reviewing your situation, discussing your feelings and clarifying your issues and background. This will help me to understand where you are now, and what you want to achieve. Based on that, I'll make suggestions about:

  • items that can be disposed of
  • items that might be used in a different way or location
  • items you might need to buy (for example, improved storage options)

Once we've laid our plans, we'll either:

  • start work straight away, or
  • book another appointment

Diving straight in is often the best way; however, it may be that you need to prepare (buying new shelves, for example, or stationery supplies) before we can make progress.

Either way, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get dusty, and I'll do the same!

How long will it take?

Good question. Here are some examples to show just how varied it can be:

  • a kitchen, living room and bedroom were de-cluttered during one seven-hour day
  • help with unpacking a full garage of packing boxes after a house move took four full days' non-stop work
  • clearing just one room, completely full of boxes that had lain untouched for several years, took around 16 hours
  • sorting an entire house - 2 bedrooms, study, kitchen, utility, sitting room, bathroom - took two sessions of around 5 hours each
  • dealing with post-move, still-unpacked boxes - mostly books - for a semi-retired professor - took a couple of hours to assess and plan, the ordering of flat-packed bookcases (and their construction by a local handyman), followed by 5 hours or so of unloading, decluttering, tidying, and removal of unwanted items to charity shop

The minimum time that we can usefully spend is generally 2-3 hours. Ideally 5-6 hours' work will achieve the best results; but I'll charge you for whatever time we use, no more or less.

We will certainly work efficiently, and depending on the scale of the organisation needed, possibly fairly fast; but it does mean going to the very depths of the cupboard, the wardrobe or whatever. It's only when you know what is already there that you can begin to decide whether to give it house-room - and can make this a long-lasting solution rather than a "quick-fix". Of course, if you are able to "keep up the good work" between sessions, so much the better.

Cassie is great fun to work with, enabling organisation and order to emerge. Our sessions were interesting, finding out my dangerous expressions like "I’ll just put it there for the time being!"I would thoroughly recommend her services. The learning goes on. Thank you.

M, Norfolk

Cassie is fantastic... and is able to quickly sum up the situation and make an achievable plan using things you already have. Then she rolls up her sleeves and helps you, and I mean really helps, both practically and motivationally. She is sensitive and funny and never 'makes you' throw things out or makes judgements on your sentimental 'treasures', but somehow gives you the confidence to make your own decisions about throwing things out. Cassie is tireless! When you are ready to give up, she keeps you going! Suddenly you find you are enjoying it, and like Mary Poppins, you find 'the job is done'! Even that drawer that you dreaded opening is not so bad with Cassie! You will find like me that it was more than just your house that has been decluttered...

Jane, Norfolk

Cassie was a real help just when I needed it! We needed a serious declutter as we were packing up to move house. Cassie helped me to get going and Idiscovered some things that I forgot I had along the way! I have kept up the good work and am in a much better state to move now. I would not hesitate to recommend Cassie or call her again for help.

Alex, Norfolk

Cassie is just brilliant. She came to mine to help me declutter, and where I'd thought that'd just mean throwing lots of things away, it actually meant finding a home for things that had never quite had a home. And not just flinging them in a cupboard, but actually thinking about how often I use them, and therefore where they should be stored. On top of that, it's lovely to spend time with Cassie, so you get a fun day and an immaculate house. Wonderful.

Emily, Norfolk

We have been absolutely thrilled with the work that Cassie has done with our house. We can actually see the floor of our spare bedroom! My desk is no longer a depressing state of chaos. And our shed has been revolutionised by Cassie's magic. My husband was quite sceptical at first, but once he saw Cassie's results, he was sold. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in feeling better about how their house looks and works.

April, Norfolk

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