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Organising & decluttering

What's the difference between organising and decluttering?

It's perfectly possible to organise somebody without decluttering them; it is not possible to declutter effectively without implementing organisation. While many clients come to me for help with clutter – the visible manifestation of disorganisation - some problems relate not so much to unwanted and superfluous goods, as to appropriate and sensible storage of the items that they wish to keep. Similarly, without creating workable processes and systems, tailored to your needs, the problem of clutter is likely to return.

Look around the physical environment you're in at the moment. If it's your home: can you relax? If it's your office: can you work? If the answer to either of these questions is "no", I can help you.

At home

Do you suffer from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)? Whether your disorganisation (or your perception of it) is mild or chronic doesn't matter; it's the effect that it has on you and your life that is important. Life's too short to be unhappy in your domestic surroundings.

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In the office

A desk overloaded with paper, a filing cabinet that you never use because you're scared you'll never find its contents again, or projects that come out and bite you because they're buried under other things - all these increase your stress levels and decrease your efficiency. Whether at the home desk or in a major corporation, time is too precious to be wasted in hunting for paper.

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See some real life examples

Click here to see some "before-and-after" photographs of living and working environments.

A bit of self-help

I've gathered together on my blog a few ideas for the disposal of the stuff you declutter. Click here to check it out - and if you have more suggestions that I can add, do let me know!

Clients say...

Just wanted to say how much I appreciated all your help... you made it a fun event instead of a slog through mud (which is what it would have been on my own)! You have a special gift of coming alongside people and lightening their load!

Joy, Norfolk

We enlisted Cassie's help with a clutter problem; domestic in nature but unusual due to its exceptional scale and long neglect. Undaunted, she provided us with help at every level, bringing with her a willing and hardworking team to help with the physical labour and arranging collection of material which could be recycled or reused. She also injected a much-needed shot of cheerful encouragement, which lifted our spirits and made the task seem more achievable.

We enjoyed working with Cassie, really appreciated the progress we made with her help and highly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance in this area.

N & A, Norfolk

When Cassie arrived I assumed that we'd just tackle my mountain of paperwork. But, mysteriously, we started in my laundry room. However, by the end of the day, my entire life was back in order, not just the desk. I could actually read a book without feeling guilty! She is a very good listener, and suggests strategies in ways that are non-judgmental, very logical and easy to maintain. She balanced professionalism and friendliness perfectly. She was terrific.

Kathleen, Suffolk

I have worked with Cassie for several years, through two houses, arrival of a family, change to homeworking and a recent house move. She has transformed spaces in our home and brought a better balance to our daily life through her ability to show us how to apply her simple but effective methods of managing the stuff in our lives. She is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in the hard stuff of working through the stuff and moving things around. She won't do it for you, she'll do it with you, acting as the good angel on your shoulder if you start to flag! She has a wonderful warm and engaging personality and style and I value her views and ideas. I couldn't do without her and continue to to work with Cassie as we adapt to to new home and challenges. Cassie and Working Order provide excellent value for money, you can't put a price on the way you feel having conquered an overflow of clutter or made an unusable space usable again. Highly recommended service.

Tracy, Suffolk

Until Cassie 'decluttered' my home, I'd felt blocked on every level, stuck in old, unhelpful patterns of chaos and mess and unsure of how to make my small abode work for myself and my growing family. The clutter just kept piling up and spilling over, ever since the birth of my twins and the bigger they grew, the less space we seemed to have and the more mess we accumulated!

Decluttering actually uncovered some realisations, as well as physical space. I could now see clearly, for the first time, that we needed a lot more room that just wasn't there and no amount of decluttering would create it! So, only a few days after Cassie left, I put my house up for sale and am now in the throes of moving home. It was of course very helpful to put a decluttered home on the market rather than the previous junk-ridden state of affairs and maybe that's why my house is being purchased by the first potential buyer to view it, within 2 days of advertising!

Surbala, Cambridge

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