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Decluttering: before-and-after

Here are some case studies showing the very real difference that can be made to your home or office environment. Click on the links to see photographs of each case

1: A very small home office

2: Reclaiming a living room

3: A cottage study

4: The garden shed

5: From junk-room to bedroom

These photographs are all published here with the permission of my clients.

In each case, we worked together, consulted on every item to be kept, thrown or otherwise disposed of, and achieved these results in ways that were appropriate to each client's needs and lifestyle.

Every time I tried addressing my chaos I found myself in a state of catatonic panic... Cassie's humour, assertiveness and senitive persona was my "knight-ess in shining armour". We created an office (without losing bed space)... Cassie somehow "gave me permission" to throw things out or found sensible homes for everything. Rather than being "pulled down" by all the sorting and filing I found the whole experience fun and liberating... I now deal with my paperwork and enjoy it! It has been a real time saver. I would highly recommend anyone who is burdened down by clutter and disorder to get "Cassie'd"!

Clare, Norfolk

I really did enjoy our session the other week. The sorted out office drawers are providing a completely disproportionate amount of satisfaction to the actual time it took to do (with your very capable and focused help!) ...I guess it proves that sometimes the small changes are the ones which can have a significant and lasting impact.

Tracy, Cambridgeshire

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