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Try it and see!

You might be nervous about allowing a stranger to come into your home or office. You might want to get an idea of what's involved and how well the process will work for you. You might want to see what ideas I can come up with to get you started, but reckon you can carry on from there.

Well, if you live within a reasonable distance (generally a maximum of 20 miles from my home), I'm very happy to do this.

What happens?

I'll come to your home or office. I'll plan to spend between one and two hours with you. We'll have a good look round, discuss the possibilities, think about how we might use the furniture you already have or what you might need to buy to make better use of the space. We're unlikely to do any actual physical work at this stage, but you'd be surprised how much you can gain from an hour or two of ideas and inspiration!

This might be all you need. My suggestions and ideas might start you on the right road; you're ready to get it sorted yourself, or with help from friends and family. On the other hand, you may simply use our initial session to get ready to declutter, get the right furnishings and storage items in place, and then you ask me to return to roll up my sleeves and get down to helping you with the serious sorting.

What does it cost?

If you decide that you want a follow-up session, it could be nothing at all (except my travel expenses). Here's how it works.

  • I'll issue you an invoice as usual after the session, for the exact time we've spent together, at my usual rates, plus my travel expenses. You'll be required to pay this within 14 days as usual.
  • However, if you decide you'd like a longer session (a minimum of five hours) within three months of the taster session, the cost of one hour of my time in the taster session will be deducted from my second invoice.
  • So, for example, if we spend one hour together on my first visit and seven hours on my second, the second visit will be charged as six hours - so your taster session will have cost you nothing but my travel.
  • On the other hand, if you reckon my help in the taster session was enough to get you started, that's great: it means you've 'got it'! You've learned enough, got enough ideas and made enough decisions to get decluttering on your own - all at a bargain price.

Sound fair enough?

Get in touch with me today and we'll see what we can do!

Thanks very much indeed for your warm, un-tiring and very practical help - much appreciated! (and you can quote me!)

Jan, London

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