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Decluttering: before-and-after

5: From junk-room to bedroom

This is an achievement that I'm especially proud of. In the same property as examples 3 & 4, it took around three days to deal with this room. It was a downstairs room into which items relating to the past had been "confined to barracks", and my client wanted to reclaim the room to create an easily-accessible downstairs bedroom that could be used by a friend in a wheelchair.

Together we worked our way through the room, which as can be seen below, was stuffed solid with items of every kind, from pictures to furniture to bedding to curtains to clothes... These two photographs show our starting point, and then how it looked when I left - cleared, but still needing some local strong men to move larger items of furniture and timber.

5-before 5-after

Finally, after I had gone, my client continued the good work by having the room completely redecorated, and the results are stunning. In this case, I can claim responsibility for the change from picture 1 to picture 2, but the final shift to pictures 3 and 4 was none of my doing!

5-final1 5-final2

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